Ajedrez Mini Bag


One day an ambassador from the king of Hind arrived at the Persian court of Chosroes, and after an oriental exchange of courtesies, the ambassador produced rich presents from his sovereign and amongst them was an elaborate board with curiously carved pieces of ebony and ivory. He then issued a challenge: "Oh great king, fetch your wise men and let them solve the mysteries of this game. If they succeed my master the king of Hind will pay tribute as an overlord, but if they fail it will be proof that the Persians are of lower intellect and we shall demand tribute from Iran."

This fragment belongs to the epic poem Shahnameh (“Book of kings") is the first mention of Chess known, and, since then there has been a great variety of games, ways of playing and designs. The piece has been the primary focus for the designers and creatives' experimentation, however, here at Pico Pao our eyes go back to the root, to the Chess Board. 

Author: Javier Bermejo. 

Made by PICO PAO.

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Measurements (Board):

180 x 290 x 13 mm

Measurements (Case):

200 x 165 x 28 mm


422 g

Components and Materials:

Board: African Padouk.
Pieces: Boxwood.
Packaging: Cardboard lined with paper.


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