Agon is an abstract board game of with good strategic interest - the rules are easy to learn but the game is engrossing and suitable for both children and adults.

Agon is also a game of historical note, being the oldest known board game played on a hexagonal board. Also known as 'Queen's Guards' or 'Royal Guards', most text books claim a late eighteenth century origin in France. But research by Edward Copisarow in 2012 proved this theory wrong - it is an English game first published in 1842.

The game is for two players, each of which has a Queen and 6 guards. The aim of the game is to be first to move the Queen from the edge of the board to the central point and surround her with all 6 guards. But beware - a Queen or guard can be captured by 2 opposing pieces and that player then has to waste a move returning the captured piece to the edge of the board.

Additional information



Measurements (Board)

320 x 300 x 25 mm

Measurements (Packaging)

325 x 305 x 30 mm


1.135 g

Components and Materials

– Board: African Padouk
– Pieces: Beech
– Packaging: Cardboard lined with paper


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