A Escada is a ladder and a board. Together these elements come into balance, as can be seen in the suggestions images. Once the delicate balance between the ladder and the board is understood, it naturally becomes an open toy, allowing other elements to come into play and make it more complicated. There are no limits. We invite you to use any other object as a counterweight, for example: keys, a glass full of water, changing the board for a spoon or an egg, placing another ladder… these are just a few ideas. The interesting thing about the game is that each player can discover for himself the physical forces that serve to keep the ladder in balance.


Man is capable of joining two opposing words, such as balance and unstable, and with coming up with singular physical inventions like this. Similarly, poetry can provide us with experiences that are impossible to arrive at through the use of reason. That is why this toy - much more than a game - is a tangible expression of language and of poetic purpose. It may be hard to comprehend, but it is nonetheless a revelation. Pay close attention to the moment in which tensions come into balance or disappear; we can imagine a ladder trembling over an egg, a hesitant tightrope walker - a Philippe Petit walking the wire under a circus tent - frightening us and causing us to hold our breath. Despite being aware of the danger, the moment in which life and death are daring each other, he considers his representation to be a show which is exciting precisely because of its precarious balance.

The most natural thing would be to fall over; the surprise is the balance.

Author: Javier Bermejo.

Made by PICO PAO.

Additional information

Weight: 0,15 kg
Measurements: 28 × 11,5 × 5 cm

Pieces: black and yellow MDF.
Packaging: Cardboard.


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