The Círculo is a game that involves a very simple mechanical force, pressure, but the results, always surprising, seem haphazard.

The circular ring is placed on a table, and different pieces will be put inside without any order or position. Then, the combination is pressed turning the screw. The pieces are moved by the pressure until they fit and the screw stops. When lifting the ring, it may happen that some parts fall down; those which remain inside will form figures that will surprise us.


Chaos, randomness and balance end up composing an image that has been generated by the application of a mechanical force. It is a physical experiment and, at the same time, a poetic and artistic experience, and also a game. The result, unpredictable, is a piece of “abstract art”; what makes us to think that this type of art handles, specially the feelings of strangeness, which has to do with something we cannot span only with logical reasoning. It is also possible to try pre-designed compositions, more or less daring, or more or less ordered, causing very different results according to the intention of the player.

Author: Javier Bermejo.

Made by PICO PAO.

Additional information

Weight: 1 kg
Measurements: 31 × 32 × 2,7 cm

Pieces: Painted Wood
Packaging: Wood and Black MDF


25 different pieces


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