Objects that we are drawn to – personal adornments, ornaments in general, a feathered embroidery, a necklace, a capital, an eave… - are more often than not imitations of models found in nature: a flower’s petals, a plant’s leaves, a bird’s plumage…We’re struck not only by the beautiful colors of these objects but also by the arrangement of their different elements. When we take objects that are seemingly identical and try to create something new with them we have no choice but to subject ourselves to the laws of physics, letting them guide us in our effort to create something that will mirror the beauty and harmony that exist in nature.


To play this game we simply incorporate the parts - which we can interpret to be feathers or leaves from a pita plant - one at a time, inserting and pressing them into the spaces that appear between them, until the plant or the tuft of feathers begins to take shape. With two or more players we can let chance have a role as well, intervening in the other person’s construction.

Author: Javier Bermejo.

Made by: PICO PAO

Additional information

Weight: 0.75 kg
Measurements: 29.5 × 15 × 5 cm

Bauhaus colors, Original

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