A maze of ladders in the air, trees and in the branches themselves, pathways leading to invisible points, to transparent fruit.

We can play at building, at putting scaffolding in the air, moving in all directions, always, fortunately, accompanied by the fear of falling. Risk, fear and desire to go far away, to get far off the ground. And then to look back at the path taken.

Las Escaleras is a game you can play alone or with others, with friends, with enemies, placing your piece in a way that makes it nearly impossible for others to place theirs without making the castle collapse in the air. 

It is, in every way, a road to nowhere, a circus spectacle, a kind of primitive ingenuity, a space walk, madness. 

Author: Javier Bermejo.

Made by PICO PAO.


Ladders are the symbol of paradise lost, of that unattainable paradise. They seduce us because with them we can climb to the heights, much as we did in our previous life as primates. Climbing, forever upwards: it seems an aspiration in itself. Fruit, hanging from branches that are out of reach.

Additional information

Weight: 0,25 kg
Measurements: 31 × 11 × 3 cm

This set includes 16 ladders.


Cardboard lined with paper | Wooden case


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