The game of Los Arcos,could also be called the game of strokes. Each piece is a line that can make drawings in the air, i.e. three-dimensional drawings. Drawing lines in the air and marveling at the forms that are created, pushing the boundaries of balance, interpreting the unexpected abstract and figurative forms that emerge... This is what the game consists of.

Author: Javier Bermejo.

Made by PICO PAO.


As soon as the first piece is put in place the tension starts to grow, along with the search for meaning. The construction begins to impose its own laws, laws that we cannot easily understand. A sort of silent dialogue arises between the form being built and the person playing, and this is what determines the path ahead. Looking, sensing, imagining, doing, undoing, interpreting, seeking, finding...

It is a game that invariably imposes on us a poetic form of behavior, one that cannot be expressed in words. Artistic activity is the natural principle of every game, and randomness, surprise, skill, risk, beauty, emotion, the allure of strangeness, encounters with the unknown - all of these are natural elements of the most primordial and exciting activity that we can partake in: play.

The rules of this game are not written; the game itself dictates them in an open yet subtle way. When we put a new piece in place it is the set that tells us if it makes sense or not. We must be both attentive and unprejudiced to learn to see, to try to interpret what the set is telling us. The laws of harmony cannot always be deciphered. It may depend on us, on the sincerity with which we look, know and see. Children may well be able to teach us to play this game better than any master.

Additional information

Weight: 1 kg
Measurements: 28 × 18.5 × 3.5 cm

Black MDF and Beech.


8 arches in 4 different sizes and 4 cubes.

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