Nirvana is a game. In this game, it is possible to experience how the force of gravity participates in balance. It allows us to observe surprising compositions by playing with the disparate relationships between weight/volume and weight/position. 

We do not realize that in our body the same physical laws are taking place.

We suggest you to experiment with any alternative object to the spinning top as a counterweight to the arch. We provide some suggestions...

Author: Javier Bermejo.

Made by PICO PAO.


For this reason, the game of Nirvana can be fun and instructive. But overall, it is a game for contemplation. By seeing how a spinning top could become a plumb-line, we can feel the great power of the attraction force known as gravity. The cord that holds the spinning top is subjected to a force that makes it rigid and stretch, therefore, the top remains very still and it seems attached in the space and extremely heavy. The whole scene makes us feel a physical gravitational sensation that leads us to wonder why we are not more often aware of this when we are standing, holding our own weight. We keep looking and observing, and nothing happens, in a kind of mental silence: we are contemplating.

Additional information

Weight: 0,51 kg
Measurements: 44 × 20,5 × 4,5 cm

Arch: Wood.
Counterweight: String, wood and metal.
Packaging: Cardboard.


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